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Portuguese Champion Nuno Matos debuts in Africa


After the title of national champion of rally raid brilliantly conquered in 2016, Nuno Matos bet for 2017 is to expand its sport horizons. In 2010 the pilot as left for an international adventure that culminated with the conquest of the FIA Cup for the Cat. T2.

The first bet of the pilot for 2017 is the African “Morocco Desert Challenge”. A huge challenge that Nuno Matos will make at the commands of his Opel Mokka Proto, a machine "Made in Portugal" that has been evolving and prepared to tackle very different tracks from the Portuguese ones. For this new adventure the portuguese pilot from Portalegre will have next to him another champion, Nuno Rodrigues da Silva, who won the world rally title in the Production Class in 1995.

"In 2016 our team achieved a very ambitious title and for which we strive and fight. We had the supreme happiness of conquering it in Baja Portalegre with many of those who always supported us and who allowed us to reach where we arrived. Now I personally want to broaden my horizons starting with the old dream of racing in Africa. Then everything still open, but the important thing now is to focus on this huge challenge that is for all of us: myself, Nuno Rodrigues da Silva who will be by my side, our Opel made in Portugal and also leaves for a new adventure and our team ", emphasizes Nuno Matos who adds:

 "I want to start by thanking everyone who has helped us to make this challenge possible and to highlight the availability of Nuno Rodrigues da Silva to venture with me on this project with so much novelty at all levels."