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Tatra Phoenix Soars among World Elite! Valtr Ends Dakar Rally with Eighth Rank

The premiere of the new Tatra Phoenix at 38th Dakar Rally turned up excellent. Jaroslav Valtr ranks in the top ten, which is his life success. Martin Kolomэ ended the famous competition by the fourth quickest stage time, moving to the final 16th rank. The pioneering mission of the TATRA BUGGYRA RACING team in the car category was also successful when Tomбљ Ouшednниek finished the race with 47th rank.

This yearґs most difficult endurance competition of the year is over. The TATRA BUGGYRA RACING team can celebrate in Rosario, Argentina, though. In the twelve stages Martin Kolomэ and Jaroslav Valtr achieved together sixteen stage ranks among the top ten, of which five times both of them scored this result. Jaroslav Valtr, Josef Kalina and Jiшн Stross still tried to challenge the seventh rank of Nikolaev today, but at the same time had to watch for Versluis behind them. “This was an ideal stage for our Phoenix. And it flew nicely to the finish! If we had not made navigation mistakes we would not have lost the precious time. But it is another rank among the top ten and defence of the eight final rank, which is a wonderful result,“ was the summary statement of the legendary navigator Josef Kalina in the finish of stage thirteen.

“I returned after one year pause and achieved my life success. We had problems especially at the beginning of the competition, otherwise our overall result might be even better. The competition was fantastic. For several times we showed that both Fat Boy and the new Phoenix belong to the absolute top and are prepared to compete for the Bedouins,” said Valtr.

Martin Kolomэ nad Kilian brothers planned to fight for the podium this year. After an accident and loss of all hopes they used the second part of the race for testing new components for 2017. Excellent was Martinґs result in stage three where he achieved his and his teamґs first stage victory.  

“This Dakar was very demanding for we had an accident and technical problems. One truck ended with a better rank and the other with a worse rank but I am still enthusiastic. Both my and Jardaґs crew are in the finish and all of us are all right. This is a marathon competition hard to prepare for. The stages were demanding but nice and I hope we will all meet here next year again and drive for even better, or maybe for the best ranks. After todayґs stage I know that there is no better make for which I would like to start,” praised Tatra the sixteenth ranking Martin Kolomэ in the finish.

The premiere at the steering wheel of a rally car is over for Tomбљ Ouшednниek, navigated by Pavel Vaculнk. The new crew of the TATRA BUGGYRA RACING team finally ranked 47th in the famous competition. “Today was probably the most difficult day of all. I tried not to think of the end for that would make us err. Today we again overtook three cars. The stage was nice and I am already looking forward to the prize-giving ceremony. I cannot find the right words to describe my feelings,” said Ouшednниek about the competition.

Successful participation will also be logged for the Gyrtech drive units produced by the Buggyra Technology Centre. The four vehicles in the truck category together covered 37,584 and all of them reached the finish of the famous Dakar Rally without problems.

Results of 13th stage - trucks:
1. Hans Stacey         MAN         2:06:08
2. Pieter Versluis         MAN         +0:01:45
3. Eduard Nikolaev         Kamaz     +0:02:08
4. Martin Kolomэ         Tatra         +0:02:52
5. Airat Mardeev         Kamaz     +0:03:13
8. Jaroslav Valtr         Tatra         +0:07:16

Final ranking - trucks:
1. Gerard de Rooy         Iveco         44:42:03
2. Airat Mardeev         Kamaz     +1:10:27
3. Federico Villagra         Iveco         +1:40:55
4. Hans Stacey         MAN         +2:23:01
5. Ton van Genugten         Iveco         +2:30:59
8. Jaroslav Valtr         Tatra         +3:54:30
16. Martin Kolomэ         Tatra         +8:06:05

Results of 13th stage - cars:
1. Sebastien Loeb         Peugeot     1:46:51
2. Mikko Hirvonen         Mini         +0:01:13
3. Nasser Al-Attiyah         Mini         +0:01:36
4. Cyril Despres         Peugeot     +0:01:36
5. Leeroy Poulter         Toyota     +0:02:04
41. Tomбљ Ouшednниek     Hummer     +0:30:21

Final ranking - cars:
1. Stephane Peterhansel     Peugeot     45:22:10
2. Nasser Al-Attiyah         Mini         +0:34:58
3. Giniel de Villiers         Toyota     +1:02:47
4. Mikko Hirvonen         Mini         +1:05:18
5. Leeroy Poulter         Toyota     +1:30:43
47. Tomбљ Ouшednниek     Hummer     +25:19:26



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